Configure your Fleet Management from 10,90 euros per month

Select only the features that are needed for your business

With vFlotte you can create the application that suits your needs. Pay only for the features you really use. A wide range of Modules and Accessories specialize the Service not only for your sector of activity but also for your specific organization.

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Standard vFlotte services

GPS / GSM locator, SIM and data traffic, Web application, all included without restrictions


10,90 €/month

Localization in real time, historical positions and tracks on the map. Export data in xls and csv format


14,90 €/month

SMALL profile plus travel report elaborated, sub-fleets and multi-user management with different access levels


19,90 €/month

MEDIUM profile plus advanced reports, management of points of interest and stop recognition, automatic alerts, route reconstruction

Simple to use

Ready to use. You do not need the manual

The vFlotte application is designed for a professional user experience. Intuitive and easy to use, combining graphics and colors to provide immediate and readable information. It makes the daily working use quick and efficient, reducing the time required for analysis and checking for the right performance and quality indicators.

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Speed, summary and cost reduction

Fleet management with just a few clicks

vFlotte provides reports on multiple vehicles simultaneously (not one vehicle at a time!). Synthetic and detailed reports are also available to make work quick and in-depth only when needed. Cost reduction both for better fleet management and for less time of analysis and verification.

Available features and accessories

Sector - specific configurations

Functionality and accessories specific for your sector of activity

Transportation & Shipping

GPS Tracker, WEB software dedicated vFlotte, tracking system and driving times

Maintenance & Assistance

GPS trackers, dedicated vFlotte WEB software, management system and call optimization

Rescue Vehicles

Monitoring Traini (Power Take-off), Sirens, Flashing. Certification of services and speed

Garbage collection

Routes and services, activation of mechanical arms and compactors, recognition of collection points


With the GPS Locators and the vFlotte Service Navigator we have achieved an excellent level of efficiency, reducing costs and increasing the quality of service to our customers

S. Barni / Owner

Less calls to drivers, control of driving times and breaks. We save on costs and provide added value to our customers

T. Colonna / Administrative Director

With vFlotte we have reduced the risk of fraud and theft. Automatic alerts and access from Smartphone allow us to self-manage security and intervene promptly in case of emergency

L. Balducci / Director

VIS is DENSO Refrigerators partner for Monitored Temperature Transports

VIS is GARMIN partner for Fleet Management Solutions

Our successes

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VIS Srl is a company that has been operating on the market for over 15 years, founded by technicians with proven experience in the Telecommunications, Automotive and Fleet Management sectors. We develop services according to customer needs to give value to large, medium and small businesses


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